Empowering YOU to navigate confidently the emotional rollercoaster of the menopause by transforming your mindset and your image.

Empowering YOU to navigate confidently the emotional rollercoaster of the menopause by transforming your mindset and image.


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Empowering Menopausal Women: Finding a Renewed Sense of Self and Purpose

Embark on your menopausal journey with unwavering support and guidance from a dedicated coach.

Menopause Unveiled: A Rollercoaster Ride

Ever felt you’ve lost your bearings? Like the woman you once knew is slipping away? Menopause isn’t just a physical change- It’s an emotional whirlwind that leaves you questioning your identity. The journey might be bumpy, with emotions taking you for a spin and your self-confidence a hit. I understand, I’ve been there.

It’s natural to feel you’re outgrowing your old self and your old ways. As someone who’s traversed this path, I grasp the complexities. But, here’s the truth: You deserve to stand tall, confident and embrace your best self yet.

Meet Valerie Gooding: Your Empathetic Coach

I’m Valérie Gooding – a fellow traveler on the menopausal journey. As a woman who walked the path of menopause while juggling family and professional responsibilities, I intimately understand the unique challenges faced. This experience ignited my drive to help women like us.

These challenges often impact our confidence and self worth. We might become confused, anxious and
frustrated and experience a loss of purpose and identity which can affect our professional and personal image.

Transitioning from a different career, I’ve become a Therapeutic and Style Coach.

My passion? Guiding women through the labyrinth of menopause with newfound confidence.

At Coaching-Style-Confidence, I offer a haven- a place to confront the challenges of menopause, reignite your self-assurance, and uncover fresh purpose. My holistic approach doesn’t merely tackle physical symptoms; it delves into the emotional and psychological facets on this journey.

I will personally guide you through this fascinating and invigorating journey of self-discovery. All with a touch of French flair!

A Holistic Path Forward

Menopause isn’t just a chapter closing; it’s a new one unfolding. My coaching programs meld executive guidance, style transformation and therapeutic techniques.

By reshaping your mindset and refining your image, you will embrace this new chapter with confidence.

We are all unique, so you can create your own packages from the following services to meet your personal needs.

All my services are conducted virtually, so your location is not an issue!



The essence of coaching is to help you to unlock your potential, maximise your performance and get the results you want


Elevate your style:
Unveiling your unique confidence


Let’s support menopause in the workplace



My journey started with discovering my colour palette and a simple change in lipstick had a powerful impact as I received a lot of positive comments from my friends and family!

I was really excited to see where this journey would take me next and I was not disappointed as I came to realise that I could revisit my style to suit my personality.

I have now discovered my body shape and how to dress to enhance my best feature. The Inspiration Boards have helped me to visualise my best style so I can refresh/update my wardrobe.

I combined my package with a Clarity Power Laser Coaching Session online.

During the pandemic, I found myself at a crossroad with my career and  Valérie took me through a self-discovery journey where I came to realise what I really wanted to do, and not do.

The process really crystallised my thoughts and I was able to come up with a precise action plan to achieve my goal.


I just wanted to say a big thank you for this evening’s Thought Field Therapy (TFT) session.
The session was brilliant.

The initial conversation we had together revealed that my self-esteem was low and needed work.
You suggested TFT as a technique that might help and you were right!

Your explanation of the technique was clear and I could see that there could be real benefit for me.
I felt comfortable the whole way through and as your voice is gentle and confident it helped me relax
into the session.
This was really important for me and I felt you carried out the whole session in a professional manner, enabling me to feel I was in a safe and caring environment. This all contributed to positive change for me.

The positive affirmations really helped to embed the message and my low self-esteem.

Thanks again, and I look forward to our next session.


I have been working with Valerie for a few weeks on Style Coaching which has included
body shape, style personality, colour analysis, grooming and make-up as physical outward appearance.

We have also decluttered my wardrobe following conclusions reached from the above exercises
to find what suits my personality, shape etc. This led to a wonderful day’s shopping experience!

Valerie organised for me a make up session followed by a shopping session,
where clothes items were already pre-selected for me.

A wonderful experience!


Without hesitation, I would say that being ‘coached’ helped me during a period of self-doubt and uncertainty. Valerie is an excellent listener and facilitator.

Time is a gift and Valerie provided me the opportunity
to find the time and space in my life, day and head to focus on myself and my career aspirations.

As a result of the skilful questioning, knowledge and targeted empathy given during the sessions, I was able to reflect and realign my current reality with my instincts.

The coaching kept me centred and gave me permission to set career goals in an arena which was safe.

Thank you Valerie.You’ve helped me move forward… and move on… to a new job!


Valerie helped me to gain confidence in my new career project and most importantly how I feel about myself as I can now say ‘I am worthy’.

Her energy and warmth instantly allowed me to be committed.

Thank youValerie.

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